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2 Vintage vases,


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This set of vintage vases right from the 50s is a rare find – two pieces in very good condition, in two different sizes but with the same decor. Every Fan of this era will love them (including me …)
These two show the ypical mid century style with barely signs of age. No chips, no issues. They handpainted, so the colour shade is not absolutely exact the same everywhere, but this is not a sign of age or use but of handiwork.
These vases are a beautiful gift for every mid century lover – and especially perfect as a wedding gift (just have a look at this pair ..)


Vintage vases
set of 2

marked Spechtsbrunn handpainted

Condition: very good!
Measurements: height approx. 31 cm and 21 cm

only the vases are for sale, everything else is decoration only 🙂

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

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Dimensions 40 cm


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